Music Playlist: December 2017 Edition

Music Playlist: December 2017 Edition

Hey everyone and Happy Sunday! December can be a month full of music between the Christmas songs that we had on loop 12 months ago to the most recent music tracks of December which will be covered in my Monthly Playlists (coming soon, in fact this my first post in the Monthly Playlist schedule). Please expect these posts every month.

I know that it’s only December 9th but lets get the ball rolling and closer to the end I might do Music Playlist: December 2017 Edition Part Two!! Stay Tuned.

It’s Sunday so that means more music content came out on Friday.  You might not know but maybe from my social icons above and below the blog I use Spotify. Spotify, is the digital music streaming platform, has a weekly updated playlist called New Music Friday UK, that is update every Friday with the best releases. You can follow that playlist and get up-to-date with new music.  I am going to be talking about the music releases, my favourites songs new and old as I share my monthly playlist with you all to enjoy and follow.

Music 3

What’s on my December Music Playlist so far?

  1. Him & I – G-Easy & Halsey.
  2. So Far Away – Martin Garrix Feat. David Guetta.
  3. Off My Feet – Pia Mia
  4. Feel My Love – Glenn Travis
  5. Dancing With Our Hands Tied – Taylor Swift.

If you would like to listen to my December Playlist and see what I have been listening to this month, have a listen below or click the text, December Playlist!

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This concludes the end of my post. Don’t forget to have a good day and smile. Put those headphones in and listen to my December Playlist.

Be Yourself! Be Happy! ☺♥

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Getting Organised & Christmas Checklist 2017

Getting Organised & Christmas Checklist 2017

Hey everyone and Happy Wednesday! Christmas is my favourite time of the year! It is all about spending quality time with you family and friends as you share those memorable memories and moments. As you start to prepare for Christmas, the time leading up can be a very stressful and a busy time. As you feel that you overwhelmed with seeing decorations in the shop, the stores or by family members and friends to seeing different gift ideas to favourite foods there is only two words that will help you get over this and that is, being organised. Plan on what you are going to spend each week, depending on your budget and available funds.

So how do you get organised you may ask? Well the only answer is get a notebook, write down what you have to do this year, what gifts you have to get, maybe you would like to send some Christmas Cards to family and friends, whether it is in your country or abroad, and the food you want to have over Christmas. So let me help you with this.


Firstly, take one page of your notebook for each topic. For examples see below my put together Christmas list that will give you an idea of how to get organised for gifts, food items, putting up decorations and house cleaning  over the weeks before Christmas.

The Christmas Checklists:

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.29.24 a.m.


  1. Make a list of who you are sending gifts to
  2. Budget your gifts
  3. Beside their name put 3 things that person likes to do, spend money on or interests they might have
  4. Spend a day or evening looking online and in shops and stores to see what they like whether it’s fashion, household, beauty products, etc
  5. Have a think what you gave them last year for Christmas to vary the gift this year
  6. Shop online
  7. Make a Christmas card list, and put it on an spreadsheet on your computer/laptop or phone depending on what you have so you can add or remove when required, this will help on deciding on how many cards are needed.
  8. Make sure you post those abroad presents before the last of Christmas post (check in with your local post office for those important dates)
  9. Wrap your gifts as you get them


  1. Make a list of the Christmas food items you need, and categories into meals such as (breakfast, dinner, lunch, light snacks & sweet treats)
  2. Make a list of drink and minerals, fizzy drinks or soda and alcoholic beverages you need for the Christmas period
  3. Prepare the list according to your favourite shop or store
  4. Decide whether you’re having people around for a Christmas dinner/party
  5. Buy finger food and snacks for guests that might visit during the festive period as it is better to have it than not have it! Freezer food works best here as some can be cooked from frozen. If you don’t use it, you can always use it when planning a dinner next year to add to a main dish.
  6. Make a list of things like batteries, wrapping paper, name tags, Christmas light, decorations, lighters, matches, candles etc.


  1. Make a list of cleaning products you need (furniture polish, window cleaner etc)
  2. Take note of your Christmas decorations (any new ones you might need or replace)
  3. Clean around front door and put up decorations (wreath, lights etc)
  4. Clean the Living (Dust, Hoover, rearrange for the Christmas decorations and tree)
  5. Clean the dining room (Dust, Hoover, rearrange for the Christmas decorations and tree)
  6. Clean the kitchen and organise your presses and storage (rearrange for the Christmas decorations)
  7. Perfect time to take note of you dishes and glasses (if you need to get more)
  8. Clean the bedrooms (rearrange for the Christmas decorations)
  9. Clean the bathroom(s) (put up some Christmas candles, remember to blow them out!)
  10. Tidy outside the house (gathering up the leaves, power wash, clean windows (inside and outside), keep the garden clean and trim back any weeds etc)
  11. By a real Christmas tree (nothing like the real deal – only if you want one)

Tree Boubles

All I can say that getting or being organised is definitely the best way to make sure you’ll have a easy journey through the month of December and to be less stressed during the holiday season. These lists will help you ensure you get all done, and it helps when you make a list.

I really hope this helped you get some ideas for creating lists depending on your own preferences. If there is something I have missed or would like me to blog about please be sure to comment it below. If you liked it please be sure to give it a like and share with family and friends who you know that would enjoy reading this.

Merry Christmas

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Don’t forget to have a good day and smile. Be Happy! Stay Organised☺♥

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Introducing Me

Introducing Me


I’m Kieran and welcome to my blog. This is my first post. So where do we begin? Hmm…. that is a good question. I believe that I need to introduce myself so that you can all get to know me better. Some might know me already but for the people that don’t. Here we go;

I am 26 years old and living in Ireland.


  1. I’m 5 foot 11
  2. I enjoy writing stories and books
  3. Music if my life
  4. Enjoy wrestling
  5. Loves TV shows

Growing up I was a very different child. I didn’t really enjoy playing sports. It never have the big appeal it had with other boys but that didn’t stop me for trying it. As part of the school curriculum we have the subject called P.E (as do many school internationally) where I did an array of sports from Gaelic Football, Soccer, Basketball to Badminton. A few others that I can’t remember.

The one I enjoyed the most was Basketball, I use to play it every Tuesday for P.E, where we got the challenge teams created by the teachers and move or way up in the tournament. I didn’t play that very long but I really enjoyed it. I even still have a basketball ring at my house. Another sport I used to partake in was Horse Riding. I horse rode for 7 years but yet again I gave that up too. Sports is not my favorite thing at all. I don’t want you to judge me for my lifestyle choices against sports. Not everyone likes sports. This is what makes me different from the rest!

Since sports was not a huge attraction to me, I was told I was very creative. I had a very creative imagination, which I still have. So I found my dream in art and stories. I both love drawing and reading books. This is where I found my dream of becoming an author and writer. This is my passion in life. I have written a book and currently editing it at the moment, which takes time let me tell you. It is not easy, when you have an vision of how the book should be but you can’t get it that way, so maybe I might have get some help. An editor maybe!! Who knows maybe I will get it right in the end. Fingers crossed.

I must admit that it is very stressful and can be very hard to edit a book to where you want it to be. No one says it is easy so you have to work on it for it blossom. I have gotten so many rejections from various publishing and literary agents saying that it was good but it wasn’t what they were looking for. They enjoyed it but it said that it needs work. Like everything else if you want something bad in life you will work on it. Hopefully this time next year I might be able to say I have a book published. That would be fantastic and a dream come true for me.

I feel like I could write about that forever so I will spare that for some other posts.

So here it is, a little insight into what “Kieran G” is all about. I hope you all enjoyed reading some of the information about me. I would be grateful if you could leave a comment.

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Don’t forget to have a good day and smile. Be Happy! ☺♥

Till next time….Kieran G! x