How are you? Hope you are well. The weather has changed in Ireland, with sunny showers. The lovely weather lasted a long time but we are optimistic that the sunshine will return for the Summer.

Okay, so this post is going to be a very short one more of a self promotion post. If you are new to my blog and new to me in general, I have a YouTube Channel that I plan to upload videos with weekly content. The schedule has yet to be decided which I will determine in the next few days. Whenever I get a chance really!! If you want to subscribe to my YouTube just click on my link below and click the RED SUBSCRIBE button.

Check out my last video Family Vacation to Majorca”

Check out my experience through New York, during the Summer of 2015. I miss it so much. Hopefully I get to go back there sometime in the future. Maybe to see you all. You never know!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this very short post and if you did PLEASE share it with your friends and on your social media, like and reblog it. Don’t forget to follow my blog and be notified when I publish more posts. If you follow it would mean the world to me. Outside WordPress I can be read on a vast number of social media apps. Here are two of social accounts I have;

Twitter- htttp://


This concludes the end of my post. Don’t forget to have a good day and smile.

Be Yourself! Be Happy! ☺♥

Till next time….Kieran G! xxx


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