How are you? I can’t believe it’s already Friday #BringOnTheWeekend. Another week done. Today is very dull here in Ireland. The weather seems to be changing but I hope not. We are after having an amazing couple weeks with sunshine.

It’s Friday so that means more music content. If you aren’t familiar with Spotify, the digital music streaming platform, then Friday is the day the majority of new music is released each week. To keep up to date with releases I have a playlist updated weekly by Spotify that you should follow. It is called New Music Friday UK, a collection of the best from the latest releases.

From this playlist I came across Go For Broke by Machine Gun Kelly Featuring James Arthur. The powerful voice James Arthur started this song then Machine Gun Kelly shot into the verse. This song has so much potential to be a chart topper.

Machine Gun Kelly also released his third studio music album, bloom today Friday, May 12.  I have five songs from the album that I really enjoy listening to, including the track with James Arthur called Go For BrokeMy second song is called At My Best. Machine Gun Kelly teamed up with Hailee Steinfield, American singer – songwriter and actress which smashed the charts. The song is raw and I feel it has a lot of meaning to Machine Gun Kelly.  The next songs from the album, bloom is called Rehab and Let You GoThe last song has to be the best ending to his third album, bloom. 27 captured me in the first 5 seconds of the song. I knew this song was going to be good one. Machine Gun Kelly pays tribute as he raps and sings to fallen legend of Kurt Cobain who died and to others at 27, which he (Kelly) is of that age now. This song is filled with emotion as the song goes from piano to a guitar solo.

A album definitely worth the wait. Machine Gun Kelly showed his full potential.  Have a listen below. Let me know what you think!!

Yesterday Thursday, May 11 saw the release of a new song by Chris Brown on Soundcloud entitled, Die Young featuring Nas. Chris Brown and Nas pays tribute to Chinz, which we are less than a week away from the secondary anniversary of the death of Chinz. The songs scream vibes of Breezy with his distinctive sound.

Also if you are new to my site, I posted last Tuesday May 2, Music Playlist: April 2017 Edition so go check it out and see what music I was listening to last month. Tuesday this week I posted a post called Sexy & Savage which I discussed more amazing music content released last Friday May 5.

Follow my May 17 playlist and see what music I am listening to this month including Halsey, Nickelback, Jonas Blue featuring William Singe. Have a listen below.

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This concludes the end of my post. Don’t forget to have a good day and smile.

Be Yourself! Be Happy! ☺♥

Till next time….Kieran G! xxx



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