Ryan Knightly is a new student at Junior High and thinks his life in Woodland Avenue will be a new start. It’s a new start alright. He learns about things that he even imagined that would happen to him. At school they all seem to like him but especially one person who seems to be more interested in more than friendship, Kate Johnson. The problem is that Ryan also finds himself in the same situation but Kate and Tyler are keeping that they don’t want to tell Ryan. What he doesn’t realise is that the closer he gets with Kate the more he is in danger but he still need to find out what they are holding onto.

When Ryan finds out what they are hiding he seems to be doubting Kate and Tyler as strange killings have taken place in Woodland Avenue. Ryan thinks that they might be the people behind these strange killings. A killer is on the loose and he wants retribution. But they soon find out who the killer. As Kate and Tyler get involved with the investigation there becomes a time when Ryan he has choose. Who will he choose?

How will he deal with the transition?

(C) Copyright. 2017 -Kieran G


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