My name is “Kieran G” and I’m a Writer, Blogger and YouTuber. I am currently living in Ireland. During the Summer of 2011 while watching a favourite TV show I had this fantasy that I wanted to become a writer and author. I have a very creative imagination which helps me do the things I like such as writing.

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While contemplating this idea further over my first book was created. The name of the books is called “Bloodline“. This book is still in the editorial stages (trying to get time to write is impossible when working and being exhausted). Stay with me to keep up to date to be notified when that is published.The most important things that I enjoy in life is having a good time. With my passion in life, as a writer, I believe that being part of a community and giving you something to read, this is where this can happen! x

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”